Press Release

Hextar Group Donates 450 Kilograms Worth Of Fresh Capsicums To Kechara Food Bank

Setapak, January 10, 2022 – Hextar Group ("Hextar" or the "Group") will be donating a total of 450 kilograms of capsicums to Kechara Soup Kitchen's Food Bank as part of the Group’s ESG initiatives and commitment to The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Kechara Soup Kitchen ("KSK") is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 2008 to provide food, basic medical services and welfare aid to the homeless and urban poor populations in Malaysia. They have since grown to incorporate surplus-food collection from hypermarkets, wet markets, hotels, and bakeries, which are distributed to those in need. To assist the most vulnerable people in our community, KSK runs 3 main programs: Soup Kitchen, Food Bank, and Empowerment. KSK's Food Bank itself can deliver one month's worth of dry food provisions to 2,000 registered poor families nationwide.

Due to limited storage space, the delivery of the 450 kilograms of capsicums will be undertaken in three batches to KSK’s Food Bank in Setapak, starting with the first batch this morning. The next two batches will be delivered on the upcoming Mondays (17th & 24th January 2022).

Following the delivery of the capsicums this morning by Hextar, the KSK team immediately proceeded to distribute the fresh capsicums to the registered poor families and partner charity homes.

No poverty, no hunger – the Hextar Group is glad to be able to collaborate with KSK in such initiatives. Hextar hopes that through this collaboration, these donations could help ease the plight of the urban-poor families.